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Oldsmobile Dynamic 68

The Oldsmobile Dynamic 68 was part of its larger parent car class, the Series 60. The Series 60 was a line of cars made from 1939-1948 at the end of the great depression. The Oldsmobile Dynamic 68 was part of the second generation of the Series 60.

First Generation

The original first-generation Series 60 was essentially the basic or “entry level” position of Oldsmobile from 1939-1948. Entry level position meant entry level features, components and parts. For the most part, the Series 60 models were most closely related to the Pontiacs and Chevrolets.

There were four different body styles available for the start of the Series 60 in 1939. These included:

  • A business coupe with no rear seat;
  • A club coupe with two rear fold-away jump seats; and
  • A two-door sedan with a full rear seat and a four-door sedan which shared its roofline with the two-door sedan.

The overall wheelbase of these 1939 models was 115 inches and the back seats of the front seats were rounded and padded for the comfort of backseat riders. 1940 brought a larger C-body style into the lineup which was solely powered by a straight-eight engine. While the 1939 version was dubbed the “Series 80”, the 1940 edition was respectively dubbed the “Series 90”. The cars in the series were also given names for the first time that year with the Series 60, 70, and 90 dubbed the Special, Dynamic, and Custom Cruiser respectively. Two body styles were also added in 1940. Those included a two-door convertible and a four-door station wagon.A full rear seat was added to the club coupe and an exclusive equipment bundle was also available.

Second Generation

The second generation brought about the Dynamic 68, and lasted from 1941-1948. 1941 brought two different engines offered on each model. The second digit was used to denote the number of cylinders on the model, so the Special 60 was replaced with the Special 66 and 68. From 1941 to 1948, the only way to obtain an eight-cylinder engine on a GM A body within the Oldsmobile brand was to buy a Special 68.

1948 brought about both the Dynamic 66 and 68. The Dynamic 60 series were among the smallest models available, but also offered the greatest variation of styles. The Dynamic series offered both six-cylinder and eight-cylinder engines, along with dual horns, sun visors, and a cigarette lighter. The deluxe package was also available with foam rubber seat cushions, a deluxe steering wheel, and chrome wheel trims.

The Series 60 models were retired after 1948, and today there are only five known in existence.