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The auction bonus program

This is an incentive program for participating PREMIUM membership holders to generate more revenue for their cars they have sold using the BID selling format on SYC. To participate, all a dealer needs to do is place a vehicle of their choosing up for auction on Super quick and easy to do, and best of all… FREE.

If a current PREMIUM subscriber places one of their vehicles up for bid and the vehicle sells, the dealer will be entitled to 50% of the collected buyers premium on that sale.

To claim their incentive, participating dealers need only notify via with their dealer name, mailing address, and their premium account email address. Once SYC has confirmed the requirements were met at the time of sale, a payment will be issued, equal to 50% of the buyer’s premium that was collected for that BID sale.

SYC is committed to the goal of building our platform into the go-to marketplace for classic and specialty car enthusiasts of all kinds. That being said, we cannot help sell anything, to anyone without you, our valued dealer partners. Please consider taking advantage of this valuable offer, and start earning big incentives while this offer lasts.

Best of luck!


Click the link below to navigate to the dealer login page.